Videos I Edited

The Syrian Children Who Only Know War
On the 5th anniversary of the uprisings that sparked the Syrian civil war, a look at the children who have known nothing but war for their entire lives.


State of the Union Memorable Moments
Ahead of President Obama’s final State of the Union address, here’s a look at memorable moments from SOTUs past.


Pay It Forward
28-year-old Matthew Jackson made a woman’s day when he paid for her groceries, but his random act of kindness took a tragic turn.


Salute A Veteran Tribute
We asked you to send us a photo of a veteran who’s had a positive impact on your life and to tell us why you admire them. We received many beautiful tributes. Here’s a selection of your stories, honoring those who have served our country through the years.


Hurricane Katrina 911 Operator
Tina Berry was one of many 911 operators answering phones as floodwater from Hurricane Katrina filled up the homes of New Orleans residents.10 years later, she stills remembers those heartbreaking calls.


Nun Football Coach
A nun on the sidelines of a football game is a rare sight. A nun coaching a team is even rarer. For Sister Lisa Maurer, an assistant coach at a college in Minnesota, football IS a religion.


On The Road: 101-Year-Old Woman
Steve Hartman went On the Road and met a woman still going strong at age 101. What’s her secret to such a long, happy life? She has a few.


Perilous Journey
Dramatic video shows just how dangerous the journey can be for migrants in search of a better life.


Chicago Violence Signs
Residents of one Chicago neighborhood say hand-painted signs are helping cut down on violence.